This or That Questions to help Break the Ice

This or That Questions

This or That questions are an easy way to break the ice. Use them as Table Topics questions or in a group setting when looking for a fun way to learn about everyone and their preferences.

“This or That” questions allow people to put down their guard and share their experiences and stories about various topics. It's incredible how a simple activity can create a fun and connecting environment!

Below are some samples of This or That Questions, which can be limitless and adapted to any specialty, industry, or subject matter.

This or That Questions and Themes:

Entertainment This or That:

  • Movie Theater or Home Theater?
  • Theme park or Water Park?
  • Netflix or YouTube?
  • Netflix or Disney+?
  • Streaming or Cable?
  • Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?
  • RomCom or Action Flick?
  • An evening reading a great book or an evening with friends?
  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
  • Superman or Batman?
  • Hulk or Thor?
  • Avengers or Justice League?
  • Superman or Wonder Woman?
  • Batman or Superman?
  • Batman or The Joker?
  • Grammys or Oscars?
  • Broadway or Off-Broadway?
  • Michael Jackson or Prince?
  • Biggie or Tupac?
  • The Beatles or Elvis?
  • Hip-hop (Rap) or Rock?
  • Country Music or Rock?
  • Watch or Play Sports?
  • Online shopping or In-Person shopping?
  • Work Hard or Play Hard?
  • Seinfeld or Big Bang Theory?
  • The Godfather or The Godfather 2?
  • Forrest Gump or Benjamin Button?
  • James Bond or Austin Powers?

Tech-related This or That:

  • Playstation or Xbox?
  • Mac or PC?
  • iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?
  • iOS or Android?
  • Amazon or eBay?
  • E-commerce or going to the store?
  • Instagram or Twitter?
  • Text me or Call me?
  • Digital calendar or paper planner?
  • Pen or Pencil?
  • Printed book or e-book?
  • Teleportation or Flying?
  • Physical book or e-Reader (Kindle)?
  • AI or a human being?
  • Newspaper or Twitter?
  • Dating apps or going to a bar?

Travel This or That:

  • Traveler or homebody?
  • Traveling by cruise or traveling by plane?
  • Bus or Train?
  • Airplane or train?
  • Car or public transportation?
  • First class or coach?
  • Water skiing or snow skiing?
  • Travel domestically or travel internationally?
  • Cross-country drive or cross-country flight?
  • A day at the beach or a day by the campfire?
  • A day at the beach or on a ski slope?
  • Winter coat or bathing suit?
  • Travel back in time to meet your ancestors or to the future to meet your descendants?
  • Bikini or one-piece?
  • Swimming trunks or Speedo?
  • Piña colada or rum punch?

Relationships or Couples:

  • Public Speaking or Public Displays of Affection?
  • Most important quality in a partner: Intelligence or a sense of humor?
  • Blonde or Brunette?
  • Tall or Short?
  • Hair or Bald?
  • Nerd or Jock?
  • Hugs or Kisses?
  • Married or Single?
  • Slacker or Over-achiever?
  • Dating apps or Matchmakers?
  • Candlelight dinner or the ball game?
  • Love or money?
  • Dog person or cat person?
  • Dating apps or mingling at a bar?
  • Pay for the first date or split the bill?
  • In-person break up or ghost?

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  • Breakfast or Dinner?
  • Dinner or Dessert?
  • Spicy or Mild?
  • Coffee or Tea?
  • Sweet or Salty?
  • Mustard or Ketchup?
  • NY Pizza or Chicago Deep Dish Pizza?
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • Beef or Fish?
  • Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
  • Carnivore or Vegetarian / Vegan?
  • Salt or Pepper?
  • Beer or Wine?
  • Appetizers or Dessert?
  • Home cooking or fine dining?
  • McDonald's or Burger King?
  • KFC or Popeye's?
  • Healthy or Cheat meal?
  • Candlelight dinner or Taco Tuesday?


  • Democrat or Republican?
  • Conservative or Liberal?
  • Donald Trump or Barack Obama?
  • Donald Trump or Joe Biden?
  • Barack Obama or Michelle Obama?
  • Donald Trump or Melania Trump?
  • President or Congress?
  • Gun rights or gun control?
  • Pro-choice or pro-life?
  • Tax the rich or cut taxes?
  • MSNBC or Fox News?
  • Electoral College or Popular vote?

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  • Watch Sports or Play Sports?
  • Michael Jordan or Lebron James?
  • Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?
  • Mets or Yankees?
  • Yankees or Red Sox?
  • Cubs or White Sox?
  • Cubs or Cardinals?
  • Celtics or Lakers?
  • Baseball or Football?
  • Football or Basketball?
  • Baseball or Basketball?
  • Boxing or MMA?
  • Ali or Tyson?
  • 4-HR Game or Perfect Game?
  • For baseball fans, DH or no DH?
  • Instant replay or no instant replay?
  • Offense or Defense?
  • Grand Slam or Hail Mary TD?



  • Summer or Winter?
  • Spring or Fall?
  • Flowers blooming or leaves falling?
  • Rain or Shine?
  • Winter coat or bathing suit?

The options are endless, and have fun coming up with your own. You can easily create “This or That” questions about your friends, family, workplace, and clubs.  What are your favorite “This or That” questions? Share in the comments below!

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