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Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Overcome the fear of public speaking

Public speaking is an essential skill that can significantly impact personal and professional success. It allows you to effectively convey ideas, influence others, and create meaningful connections. However, the thought of standing in front of an audience can be terrifying […]

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World Champions of Public Speaking – Complete List

Word Champion of Public Speaking Speeches

Thousands of Toastmasters compete to be crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking every year. The competition starts at the club level and progresses to the international stage, where the top 28 speakers compete for the coveted title. Below is […]

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Summer Table Topics: 50+ Questions to Spark Engaging Conversations

Summer Table Topics Questions

Summertime is about fun in the sun, lazy days, and making memories with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like the warmth on your skin and the smell of sunscreen in the air. With the arrival of summer come many […]

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Winter Table Topics: 50+ Questions to Spark Engaging Conversations

Winter Table Topics Questions

Welcome to the Winter Table Topics session! As the snow falls and the temperature drops, let’s warm up our conversations and get to know each other better. Whether you’re a winter enthusiast or just trying to survive this brutal cold, […]

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Spring Table Topics Questions: 50+ Questions to Spark Engaging Conversations

Spring Table Topics

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The warmer weather, blooming flowers, and longer days are welcome after a long cold winter. With the arrival of spring come many exciting topics to discuss and share with others. The […]

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Table Topics Questions for the Family

table topics family questions

With Family Table Topics, you can ask questions around the dinner table and establish strong family bonds. Learning about your loved ones’ dreams, interests, fears, and more can go a long way in establishing ties that last forever. During your […]

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Mother’s Day Table Topics Questions

Mothers Day Table Topics Questions

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mom’s out there. Take this time to reflect with some Mother’s Day Table Topics Questions for your next group meeting or a fun family get-together. It’ll be fun sharing funny stories, and maybe […]

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Best Public Speaking Books in 2023

public speaking books

Here are our recommended, best-selling public speaking books, which will enhance your abilities and help you effectively engage your audience in an exchange of ideas. These books share the best methods to practice and perfect your communication and oratory skills.  […]

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The Best Books on Writing for 2023

best books on writing

We are always looking for new books on writing to learn writing techniques and inspiration as we hone our craft. Here we share our favorite writing books to help you learn to express yourself in words.  Nonfiction writers should read […]

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Why is public speaking important? Unlocking the Key to Career Success and Personal Growth

Why is public speaking important

Public speaking is important because it allows individuals to communicate their ideas and perspectives to an audience effectively. It helps individuals to build their confidence, develop their leadership skills, and increase their credibility. Public speaking is also a powerful tool […]

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Table Topics Questions for about Love for Valentine’s Day

Table Topics Questions for Valentine’s Day

Need some Table Topics Questions about love for Valentine’s Day? Well, it is a great time to get very creative with your Table Topics questions. We have over 100 questions for you to try! Love is in the air, and […]

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Father’s Day Table Topics Questions

Fathers Day Table Topics Questions

For many of us, our father is the first man we looked up to and admired.  Take this time to reflect on some Father’s Day Table Topics Questions for your next group meeting or a fun family get-together. It’ll be […]

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Word of the day: narcissist

narcissist definition

narcissist \ noun \ a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

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Word of the day: haughty

haughty definition

haughty \ adjective \ arrogantly superior and disdainful.

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Word of the day: predilection

predilection definition

predilection \ noun \ a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.

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